#DelilahAdvice ... Is Your Soul Ajar This New Year?

Do you keep your soul ajar? Do you leave room in your soul and your heart and your life to welcome the ecstatic experience?

Or, are you so controlled, so controlling, so neat and tidy, so organized, so diplomatic, so right, so rigid, that you can't leave your soul open, just a little, to welcome an experience that will change you, will re-arrange you, will open your eyes and your heart to possibilities?

Possibilities you never dreamed or imagined.

I think most of us fall somewhere in the middle. Open, to a degree, but somewhat cynical and protective because of the world we live in and the people that we care for.

I love that quote by the brilliant and emotive Ms. Dickenson, and I think this season is the perfect time to contemplate such a thing as checking the soul to make sure it is not shut tight to the universe.

I also want to remind you that MY door is always open. I want to be your safe place, your quiet in the storm, your rainbow after a rain shower.

Come to me when you feel like smiling, laughing, or crying. When the day's gone great, not so great, or absolutely horribly, turn to me and let me love you through it!

Join me nightly, for great music, great stories, much love, laughter, and ponderings of the mind as we slip out of our work shoes and into the evenings.

Come home to Delilah.