EXCLUSIVE: Watch Blake Shelton Perform 'I'll Name The Dogs' At His Ranch


Black in September, Blake Shelton gave fans the first taste of his upcoming 11th studio album, with his single and music video for "I'll Name The Dogs," and iHeartRadio and Nissan Titan teamed up to take fans behind the scenes of the visual's shoot. Now, they are bring fans right into Blake's home at his ranch.

Recently, Blake revealed the title and release date for his new album. Texoma Shore will be released on November 3rd, and in includes 11 new songs including "I'll Name The Dogs."

In an exclusive video, iHeartRadio's Bobby Bones took his mobile radio studio, pulled by a Nissan Titan, to Blake's ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where he got to sit down with the country star for a fireside chat and amazing acoustic performance.

Blake Shelton

During their conversation by the fire, Blake opened up to Bobby about how "I'll Name The Dogs" came about, and a little about what it was like to write and record Texoma Shore. Blake said that "I'll Name The Dogs" is the song that kicked off his new album, and opened up the next chapter for him. He explained to Bobby:

"We were three songs into If I'm Honest, and very happy with that project, and was planning on continuing on with it for at least another year. And then all of a sudden, "I'll Name The Dogs" got sent to me, and I heard that song, and I went, 'This is over, this is a new chapter.'"

He adds of the single and writing/recording for the rest of Texoma Shore, "It's a little bit of a throwback, a throwback to the early '90s. I don't hear anything like this on the radio anymore. We've kind of moved passed this sound in country music, but when it's good, it's good and when it feels right, it just feels right. And so, naming the album Texoma Shore, having songs like that, making it here, basically at my home, it just felt like a full [circle] coming back to the beginning almost."


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