EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Blake Shelton's "I'll Name The Dogs" & Video Shoot


Blake Shelton is releasing his brand new single "I'll Name The Dogs" on Friday, September 8th, the country star's first new music since releasing his 2016 album If I'm Honest. But we're already getting an exclusive first look at the song and its music video before the track's official release, as iHeartRadio and Nissan Titan have teamed up to take fans behind the scenes of the visual's shoot.

iHeartRadio's own Bobby Bones takes fans on the set of Blake's "I'll Name The Dogs" music video set, where he sits down with him to chat about the song and concept behind the clip itself. 

Bobby hopped in a Nissan Titan, which pulled the radio personality's mobile radio studio to Blake's "I'll Name The Dogs" set. 

Blake explains that for his part in the music video, he takes on the role of a wedding singer. He says, "I'm playing the part of a character, and the character is me singing in a wedding band." He jokingly adds, "You're gonna see some of the best pantomiming you have ever witnessed in your life."

Blake Shelton

During some behind the scenes footage, fans can see Blake surrounded by cameras at all angles as he performs the song on stage with his band, surrounded by string lights on stage, and you can hear a few seconds of "I'll Name The Dogs" itself. Blake sings, "You plant the flowers, I'll plant the kisses." Hey, they are at a wedding after all. 

Fans can hear the World Premiere of Blake's new single "I'll Name The Dogs" in full on September 8th on their favorite iHeartCountry stations every hour, as well as see the entire music video. Get a sneak peek at the song and music video above!


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