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You'll never believe how Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift met 14 years ago!

She’s ‘Rare’, ‘Good For You’ and has a brand new ‘Single Soon'. The talented Selena Gomez stopped by Valentine in The Morning to chat all things new music, guilty pleasures and how she met bestie Taylor Swift! You don’t want to miss this!

Selena Gomez took us on a trip down memory lane to the very moment Taylor Swift played her "Love Story" for the first time. Picture it: a hotel room, two superstars, and Taylor declaring, "This is going to be my new song from my new album." Talk about a legendary friendship! And when asked about her favorite Taylor Swift era, Selena had us all swooning as she said, "Nothing hits like 1989." We couldn't agree more!

But wait, there's more! Selena Gomez is such a Swiftie that she's attended not one, not two, but three Eras Tour shows, with a sneaky suspicion she might hit up a few more. International Taylor fans, keep your eyes peeled!

Selena revealed the secret behind her song "Single Soon," which she held onto for six long years. It didn't quite vibe with the "Rare" era, but after a little makeover, she realized it sounded like "ear candy."

Get ready to groove because Selena's upcoming album promises to be a pop extravaganza that'll make you want to get your besties together and dance all night long! She assured fans that there's not a single sad song on the album, and it's a reflection of her current happiness. She's loving her thirties and wants to share that joy with her fans.

Selena couldn't believe it when she found out her song "Calm Down" with Rema was still reigning supreme at #1. She couldn't stop gushing about Rema, calling him one of the kindest and most humble people. The song's continued success left her both thrilled and bewildered, but she's here for the ride!

Ever wonder what song Selena wishes she'd written? It's "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert. She confessed that everything in that song rings true to her own life, even her dog's resting place in the backyard and her handprints in the front lawn. And she made sure to add that she got those handprints back—no lawn invasions required!

When asked if she ever recreated the dishes from her show Selena + Chef, her answer had us in stitches. Nope, she won't be tackling any octopuses in the kitchen anytime soon! Those complex dishes are strictly for TV.

And last but not least, Selena couldn't pick just one favorite Rare Beauty product. She raved about the lip oils, the tinted moisturizer, and the eyebrow gel, proving that Rare Beauty is the real MVP in her beauty routine.

Selena’s time with Valentine in The Morning was a treat, from Taylor Swift nostalgia to culinary quirks and everything in between. It's clear that Selena's zest for life and her sense of humor are as vibrant as ever, and we can't wait to see what musical adventures she'll take us on next!

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