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John Legend Talks New Music, Family, The Voice, And More!

John Legend truly puts the legend in his own name as he is a man of many talents, a singer, a loving father and husband, EGOT winner, judge on The Voice, and of course 2019 People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. John stopped by to talk to Valentine in the Morning all about his brand new double album "Legend," family life, 'The Voice', and so much more!

John's brand new album 'Legend' is out now and is a double album that contains 24 songs.

"It's a double album. We've got Act 1 and Act 2. I call my Act 1 my Saturday night act so it's more like fun, sexy, physical, and up beat. Then, Act 2 is my Sunday morning. It's a little more mellow, introspective, romantic, spiritual, and that's how I organized the album. You can listen to it all together of course, but if you want to like access different moods you can go Act 1 versus Act 2 depending on what you're feeling."

John and his wife Chrissy Tiegen are currently expecting another baby, which the couple is so excited for this baby to come into their lives. Their kids Luna (age: 6) and Miles (age: 4) are back in school, but John is just like every parent and reveals that luckily they are still at the age where they can still be bribed.

"They are bribable. Yes, susceptible to bribes. Cookies, treats, they definitely help. Miles doesn't negotiate very well. He just does what he wants, he's kind of stubborn. Occasionally, we can win him over with a brownie or a cookie, but if he doesn't want to do something then he's just not going to do it. He hates vegetables like trying to get him to eat just one green thing. We try to mix it in with stuff. He sees the green and he just does not want it and he's inconsolable and non-negotiable. He's tough.

John had his whole family in his new music video for 'Wonder Woman' where he revealed that on set the kids were good.

"Luna is easier because she gets the picture. She's like okay I got this. She's 6 years old and she's very smart and responsible and very aware of her surroundings. Miles still marches to the beat of his own drum. I love him, he's funny and has become more talkative lately and just more engaged in the world and it's just funny and fun to see them grow up. I definitely see a lot of Chrissy in Luna. It's unclear who's personality Miles is going to have because he doesn't seem like me right now, but he looks a lot like me."

The Voice is officially back with Season 22 and Camila Cabello is the newest coach.

"This is such a great show. This is 22 seasons now and my 7th season and the show just keeps going because people love this connection they feel with the artists, with the coaches, and they still love our format it works. My favorite part about being a coach on the show is because I get to spend time with them and think about how to make them stronger, more compelling as artists, and the thing that it does for me is it helps me think about how I apply that to my own career. I think i've become a better artist, a smarter artist because of all the analysis and all the energy I pour. I'm pouring all this energy and analysis into other artists and it makes me like look back at myself too."

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