Silk Sonic Talks New Album, Collaborating With Beyoncé Rumors, And More!

You've definitely heard Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak music on their own, but together they form the group Silk Sonic. The duo instantly took off with the release of their hit song 'Leave The Door Open' and now they've officially released their debut album 'An evening with Silk Sonic.' Bruno and Anderson stopped by Valentine in the Morning to talk about the new album, their writing process, and they clear up the Beyonce collab rumors. When artists create songs they sometimes have the lyrics put aside for years until they find the perfect fit for it and that was the exact thing that happened for Silk Sonic and their new album.

"'Smokin' Out The Window,' Andy and I wrote on tour over 4 or 5 years ago. It was just that line Smokin' Out The Window and that was really all we had, but we remember just liking that visual of seeing the guy stressing out. Me and Andy were just going back and forth of coming up with a funnier line. Right before the pandemic, me and Andy got together in the studio and 'Smokin' Out The Window' came to be and we finally finished it."

Every artist has a different writing process, but for Silk Sonic it comes from all different angles.

"Most of the time Andy is on the drums and i'm playing piano or something and then we build from there. A lot of these songs you'll have one line or a couple of lines that you've been working on for years and we'll dig into them and try to find what the groove is. He'll sit on the piano and i'll get on the drums and we'll just vibe out for hours or days. We'll keep changing the groove."

There was one Silk Sonic rumor that was circling around the internet and it was that they were collaborating with Beyoncé. The duo finally said what's going on and as they say in their song "Smokin' Out The Window"...not to be dramatic, but I wanna die!

"I'll tell you how that collaboration happened! The internet made that happen because we don't have a track with Beyoncé. It's okay, they're rumors. Hopefully, we'll have one one day. It would be a dream, but sometimes the internet likes to make that up."

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