West Hollywood To Require Vaccination Proof At Restaurants And Bars!


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West Hollywood just issued a mandate that will require the public to show proof they are fully vaccinated before they can enter restaurants, bars, gyms and other businesses with indoor activities. According to the city's announcement, the rules will go into effect "as soon as possible but no later than October 11th."

Only patrons of the businesses age 18 and older must show proof of vaccination before entering and if you don't then you'll only be able to use the outdoor areas of those businesses. Those under 18 won't have to show proof of vaccination.

The businesses requiring proof of vaccination include: restaurants and bars, nightclubs, cannabis lounges, entertainment venues, gyms and yoga studios, and beauty businesses that provide services such as skin care, hair styling and cosmetology procedures.

For employees at these businesses, the employers must determine their vaccination status and "must ensure that all staff who routinely work onsite provide proof of full vaccination before entering or working in any indoor portion of the facility."

What do you think about this?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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