Adam Lambert Talks New Music, Queen, Individuality, And More!

Adam Lambert got his rise to fame 10 years ago when he was the runner up on season 8 of American Idol. You may remember calling and texting to vote for him every single week! Well since then Adam has taken the world by storm with his music, TV show appearances, touring with the iconic band Queen, and now he's back with a new EP.

His new single "SUPERPOWER" was just released to get fans ready for what they can expect from when he drops his EP "Velvet: Side A" on September 27th. This EP comes four years after the release of his last album “The Original High” and Adam co-wrote everything.

"I've been keeping this baby to myself for a while because I was working on so much music and I had to hold on to everything and now it's finally time. I'm beside myself, i'm so excited to have everyone hear it finally and dance to it. I wrote this song 3 years ago and we put some changes into it maybe last year, but it's been something i've been holding on to."

Adam just wrapped up the North American leg of tour with Queen and is getting ready to head overseas to Asia in January 2020 to continue the next leg of tour. One thing that is so surreal to think about is that he is actually performing every single night with the legends themselves.

"We've been doing it for a while so i'm somewhat used to it now, but I do get on stage from time to time and kind of go "oh my God, I can't believe this. It is surreal and it is the biggest honor. They're amazing and amazing guys."

While Adam is on stage with Queen every single night, the one moment that he was really excited to be part of was his little cameo in the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody."

"Blink and you might miss me at the truck stop. When he's on the payphone to his fiancée and the trucker comes out of the truck and kind of gives him the look before going into the mens room...that's me. I'm in disguise, they put this big facial hair on me and this wig and a trucker hat. It was really fun and super cool to be a teeny tiny part of it."

If Freddie Mercury was alive today there is one main thing that Adam would want to talk to him about that's his songwriting and the meaning behind his lyrics.

"If he were with us I probably wouldn't be singing with the band, but I wold probably ask him what his lyrics meant sometimes because some of them are sort of mysterious or cryptic. I think I would want to know more about the songwriting process. I would want to know what inspires some of these tunes and I think that's what makes him so interesting. He didn't do a ton of press, there's not that much footage of him talking. He's sort of this elusive dude and I love that."

Adam is well known for his individuality ever since he was on American Idol, but there are children growing up today that aren't comfortable in their own skin yet. Adam has advice for everyone when it comes to embracing themselves and finding their individuality.

Be strong in the fact that you bring something to the table that no one else brings. i think individuality is a tricky thing especially for a teenager, but I think as you get older you realize that those are the things that make you special and memorable. Those are the things that people talk about and if you're just acting like everybody else, you're just going to blend in and what's the point.

He continues saying:

"I think finding that personal strength is not always easy, but if you can just try that's the best you can do. All you can do is try and do your best. No one's grading you on you living your life. We get really worried about people judging us especially with social media, but as long as you're just putting yourself out there and being authentic that's the key to happiness."

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