Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony Share Clip Of Unreleased Van Halen Song

Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony have shared a clip of an unreleased Van Halen song on their new Van Hagar/Other Half Instagram and Facebook pages.

The track is called "I Want Some Action" and in addition to a great hook, it features an awesome guitar riff!

Anthony wrote on Instagram, "Sometimes one idea would jam into a completely different idea, with Sam scatting vocals on top. We have loads of tape with ideas like this sitting in boxes at 5150 Studios! 'I Want Some Action' is one of those jams that never made it to an album but has a very cool guitar riff, and listening to it now we should’ve taken this one all the way!"

Hagar added, "This one has a bad-ass guitar riff for sure! Hearing this makes me want to finish my part on this song (melody and lyrics) and put it into the live show -- what do you think?"

I dig it, and it should definitely get added it to the live shows (I would also love to hear a finished version)!!

Check out the full clip below. It's also available on the Van Hagar/Other Half Instagram and Facebook.

Photo: Getty Images

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