Dee Snider Backs Petition For AC/DC TO Play Super Bowl Halftime Show


A new online petition to have AC/DC play the Super Bowl Halftime show next year is being backed by Twisted Sister's Dee Snider.

The petition, created by rock fan Gina Dilecce, says, "It’s been a while since we’ve had some REAL METAL play the halftime show for the Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong, ALL MUSIC artists have done a great job and SHOULD play the show, but we all need a turn. It’s time for some rock and roll! And who better than AC/DC to play?!"

Snider signed and shared the link to the petition on social media, and encouraged everyone to do the same, He also posted a video on Instagram directed at Roger Goodell, the NFL, and Jay Z. You can sign the petition HERE.

Photo: Getty Images

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