Miranda Lambert Reveals The Advice She Received From Dolly Parton

When Miranda Lambert was asked about valuable advice she was given from other country stars, her mind immediately jumped to country’s bewigged icon, Dolly Parton.

“When I met Dolly [Parton], the overall message was, “Keep going. You do you. Believe in what you believe in and don’t take no,'” Lambert told Time in a recent interview. In a perfectly Lambert fashion, she added with confidence, “That’s how I’ve always lived, but it was so nice to have someone like her reassure me of that.”

Continuing the headstrong nature Parton encouraged Lambert to maintain, she also spoke to Time about female country singers in general. “For the past couple of years it’s been skewed one way: a lack of women and songs with content from women’s perspectives. When Carrie [Underwood] and I first came on the scene, there was this whole generation of women before us,” she said.

Lambert noted that in recent years, male artists have ruled the charts, but she feels a change in the tide in the Nashville music scene: “Women want to hear women, because we want to know we’re not alone in all of our issues, you know? I mean, I do. I want to feel like someone’s telling my story.”


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