Sugarland Loves When New Fans Discover Their Music

When Sugarland returned from their five-year hiatus to begin making music together again and to launch their Still the Same Tour, they realized that newer country music fans may not have heard of them and might think they were a brand new act, and the thought of that amuses Kristian Bush. “Can you imagine coming to a Sugarland show and going, ‘Man, is this their first show? Are these guys any good?’ And I love what it feels like when you discover something new and new music, when you find something that speaks to you, no matter where it is, you own it so much. I do.”

However new fans discover Sugarland, whether it’s through their latest single, “Babe,” which they sing with Taylor Swift, or one of their concerts, Kristian says, “My wish is that there are fans who are like, ‘Man, I don’t know. Country music? Sugarland? I’ve kind of never heard of that.’ And they roll in and they see this show or they hear this record and their minds just go boom, and they belong in our tribe after that.”

New and old Sugarland fans can catch them on their Still the Same Tour through September 9th.

Photo: Getty Images/Ethan Miller


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