Kenny Chesney Gets New Musical Home

Kenny Chesney is moving to a new label home after 20 years! According to a press release, he is leaving Sony to sign with Warner Music Nashville.

“It is a big deal to change labels,” Chesney said. “But when you hear Max, Espo, and Cris Lacy talk about music, about what it means and does, when you hear that passion, you can’t help but get fired up. To me, music is only complete when it gets to the fans and becomes part of their lives. The people at Warner understand my commitment to that idea, and they’re just as committed to those ideals as I am.”

Kenny started his career on Atlanta-based Capricorn, joining the BNA roster to release 1995’s All I Need To Know. No word on plans for a successor to Cosmic Hallelujah, his 2016 album and last for the Sony label group. 

There's no word on when fans can expect new music from the newest Warner Music Nashville member, but knowing Kenny Chesney, it probably won't be too long. 


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