Darius Rucker Has A Bucket List, And He's Crossing Items Off

Over the years, Darius Rucker has been able to check a lot of experiences off his bucket list, but there are still several things he wants to do.

Now that his album When Was the Last Time is about to drop, he plans to focus on what's left on his list. So, what's up first?

“Number-one was to see [Paul] McCartney [laughs], and I got to do that this year. That was awesome. But I’ve never seen U2. It’s one of my favorite bands in the world. You know, I’ve been lucky. I’ve gotten to do a lot of stuff that I’ve wanted to do. I’ve lived a really blessed life, but then I started thinking about it. There’s so much stuff I never took the time to do, and I think now is the time to start doing that stuff.”

When Was the Last Time, the new album from Darius, is out on October 20th.


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