Shania Twain Is Afraid To Make New Music

For Shania Twain, making her first new album in more than 15 years brought out a range of emotions.

In a new interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, the country legend reveals setting out to work without ex-husband and longtime producer Mutt Lang for the first time was an evolution of fear, faith and fun.

“First of all, I was petrified in even considering making another record without my 15-year collaboration with Mutt. I just didn’t know where to begin. How do I even start? Where do I start? It was a leap of faith in myself just to commit to doing it,” Shania says exclusively. “Once I started rolling and forced myself through it, it came together and I started believing more in myself—in my truth—and then eventually enjoying it. It evolved.”

The new era of Shania begins with “Life’s About To Get Good,” the first single from her forthcoming album Now.

The project is set for release September 29.


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