Thomas Rhett Says He Doesn't Plan To Shelter His Daughters

While many celebrities tend to keep their children as far away from their careers possible, Thomas Rhett plans on doing the exact opposite.

He spent many weekends out on the road with his dad, Rhett Akins, and he wouldn't have had it any other way. Now that he has a daughter of his own, and one on the way, he has already decided he wants to immerse them in the world of music, too.

“Willa’s been home for almost a month now, and she’s already been to like four concerts. I don’t really want her to feel ever that she has a ‘famous’ dad. I just want her to think that this is what he does for a living, and hopefully it rubs off on her a little bit. Hopefully she just loves music as much as I do. I think she already loves it. She loves coming onstage and playing the drums. She’s just such a good kid.”

Thomas kicks off the next leg of his Home Team tour later this year.


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