Will Keith Urban Return To 'American Idol'?

When American Idol ended back in 2016, Keith Urban was one of the last judges on the show. Now that the show is coming back to T.V. in 2018, the singer says he wouldn't mind being one of first judges to appear on the new season. 

In an interview with CMT, the country superstar opened up about whether or not he’d participate in the singing show. “Possibly,” Urban says, “Yeah, it’s music—that’s good! Music’s good.”

But when it comes to whether the show has got in touch or not, the singer was a little less open. 

"There’s a lot of moving parts. That’s a good political answer, isn’t it?” he admits. “But it’s also quite true of the state of it right now. There’s a lot of moving parts in everybody’s camps. We’ll see what happens.”

So far Katy Perry is the only judge who has been confirmed for the show. 


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