Willie Nelson Is Alive And Well Thank You Very Much

Over the years Willie Nelson has been the subject of more than his fair share of death hoaxes and reports that he's on his death bed. Despite it all, the 83-year-old just keeps ticking. 

Unfortunately, despite playing nearly a dozen shows in the last few weeks, the singer is once again trying to be killed off by the death rumor mill and his publicist is again having to defend the fact that he's alive and well. 

Earlier this month, Radar Online report quoted an anonymous source as saying that Nelson was "deathly ill," weak as a baby and unable to breathe. That was enough to get other websites talking and before you knew it, everyone's Aunt Evie and Uncle Clarence was asking for prayers on Facebook of the beloved singer.

Now Willie's longtime publicist Elaine Schock is dispelling the rumors, saying the singer is healthy as a probably-high horse.

"He's perfectly fine," Schock told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

So there you go, Willie's alive and well and probably smoking a joint as we speak. 


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