Sam Hunt Comes Clean About Being Married

Over the weekend, the country world was buzzing with news that Sam Hunt may have tied the knot sooner than anyone was expecting when he started sporting a ring on the all important ring finger. 

But did he actually get married?

Turns out Sam didn't slip away and say I do, but he is wearing a wedding ring. 

Sam chatted with Houston's 100.3 and gave the details on that black ring he's been sporting. 

Turns out that Sam's fiancée Hannah was paranoid that her hunky man, who is also a very active hunky man, might get his ring caught in something and rip his finger off. Turns out she got the idea after Jimmy Fallon had an injury to his ring finger a few years ago after falling. So Hannah bought sam a black silicone ring to wear that could easily be cut off if the need arose. Once Sam put it on, he just decided to not take it off. 

So Sam's apparently not married, just lazy. 


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