Tim McGraw Hopes His Daughter Will Follow In His Footsteps

When a parent is famous, sometimes that parent will hope that their children will follow a different path in life and stay clear of fame. 

Tim McGraw isn't one of those parents. 

The singer, who has performed publicly with his 19-year-old daughter Gracie on several occasions and even performed a duet on his album Damn Country Music, is proud of her talent and not afraid to praise her talent. 

“She’s a unique stylist, writer and singer,” McGraw told E! during a recent screening of his new movie The Shack. 

When asked about her following in his famous footsteps, McGraw didn't hesitate in letting his feelings be known. 

“I think she should make an album,” he said. “I’m trying to talk her into it.” 

With her parents launching a co-headlining tour this April, I guess we shouldn't be surprised if we see Gracie out on the road and performing with her famous folks. 

Tim's new movie The Shack is in theaters now. 


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