Jason Aldean Talks About Doing A Reality Show

Jason Aldean is no stranger to reality T.V., often appearing on various hunting shows with his buddies. But would the singer ever consider doing an actual reality show that followed him and wife Brittany around? 

Turns out he's not totally opposed to the idea.

In a recent Q&A posted on his wife Brittany's YouTube channel, Jason didn't seem as against the idea of doing a Kardashian-esque reality show as fans might have thought he'd be. 

Jason let Brittany answer first. She said she wouldn't mind it but it'd be weird if they argued. 

Jason then chimed in explaining what he wouldn't like about the idea. 

"My thing is just we're on the road so much and life's crazy out there so when we get home it's a little bit of a safehaven for me, so the last thing I think I want is to have cameras shoved in my face as soon as I get home."

Despite it sounding like it was a definite no, Jason finished up by saying that it would be something they'd definitely have to have a conversation about it. 

So that sounds like a definite maybe to me. 


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