#GRILL PROBLEMS: What is the proper GRILL etiquette for cleaning a grill???

#GRILL PROBLEMS: What is the proper 'clean-the-grill' etiquette? Does the person USING the grill need to clean it first, or should the person who USED IT LAST be the one to clean the grill? Look at this filth I've got to deal with at my complex!

This is just ONE of the two grills. I used the other one to smoke some brisket the other day - and can I just say, I had to clean it out for like an HOUR AND A HALF before I could light it up with charcoal!


Because there was like SIX INCHES OF SLUDGE in the grill... all from ash and whatnot... and it needed to be cleaned out! It's as if the grills weren't cleaned all SUMMER!

What's the "rule" here? Who is responsible for cleaning these grills? Take a look at the photo above and let me know your thoughts...

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