#LIST: These are AMERICA'S STRONGEST CITIES... did we make the list??

How “strong” do you think your city is? Well, the peeps at Men's Health did a deep dive into America’s cities to find out the answer to that question.

It wasn’t an easy task, either. First, they had to consider several metrics: mental health, physical health, the number of fitness facilities and opportunities a city had. In addition, they looked at outside factors like the number of registered voters and now connected residents were to city organizations. Then, outside sources were consulted, such as state, city, & county records, the CDC, the U.S. Census, American Fitness Index, and others. When the numbers all came together, here are how America’s “strongest” cities ranked:

1 Madison, Wisconsin

2 Anchorage, Alaska

3 Washington, DC

4 Burlington, Vermont

5 Minneapolis, Minnesota

6 Denver, Colorado

7 Sioux Falls, SD

8 Lincoln, Nebraska

9 Raleigh, North Carolina

10 Bridgeport, Connecticut

You can see how your city faired in the Top 100 by clicking HERE.

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