#DAD: Here's a great list of 50 things to consider giving for Father's Day!

Father's Day is just around the corner... and I know, as a dad and a son - and as a dad - how hard it can be at times to get an idea of what DAD may really want for the DAY of the POPS.

So when I came across this list, I had to share it with you... because as I looked through it, I thought, "ya know, there are some things on this list which I would really like..."

From GOLF CLUBS (which won't break the bank) to grilling thermometers, to subscription boxes, watches and more, BROBIBLE's list is right on.

Check it out here.

These are 50 unique gifts for dad... what do you think?

I'm fascinated by these GOLF CLUBS. I know my ideal/dream clubs are way out of the price point of a dad who has a daughter going off to college soon, but the clubs here look pretty awesome for what I'd need... and they're not outrageously priced!

I'd give away the other coolers I have -- if I got that YETI cooler you'll see on this list. It's pretty awesome...

THE BUTCHER BOX is pretty dope, too!

Oh there are so many ideas on this list for pops... check it out when you get a chance... and enjoy!

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