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Special Screening Of Marvel Studios' LOKI

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I used to wait all week for Friday night... when Disney+ would drop new episodes of WandaVision, Captain America and the Winter Soldier, The Mandalorian, The Bad Batch...

... but now, Wednesday is the new Friday.

That's when Disney+ and Marvel Studios drop new episodes of LOKI, the story of THOR'S brother, aka, the GOD of MISCHIEF, who is burdened with Glorious Purpose as he seeks to become the GOD KING of Earth, aka, MIDGARD.

There will be no spoilers here... I'll just say you need to watch this first episode.

The show, which also stars OWEN WILSON, aka, the VOICE of LIGHTNING McQUEEN of CARS fame, who shine in what is the most epic bromance I've seen on TV in a minute. The chemistry is brilliant and the slapstick nature of the relationship between these characters is quite epic.

Now, like I said, no spoilers. But LOKI has always had something loveable within him. Sure, he's a villain, but he's more of an anti-hero, to me. He's got some deep-seated insecurity which fuel his need for, well, power... and his internal conflict with good, wanting to be loved, his real emotion and his search for the affection he so desires - and his ultimate role in life - are powerful.

Overall, I have to say Disney+, Marvel and those creators who present these amazing stories on this platform, have changed culture. They've moved entertainment forward because they've respected the fact that people... want to be entertained by great stories. They're delivering this and people are spending money to stay subscribed... and that's a pretty powerful testament to what is happening at Walt Disney Studios.

The show is great. I'm hopeful the rest of the episodes will be equally as great... and I have no doubt it will be. That's the Marvel Studios way. The Disney way... and why Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week.

LOKI is streaming now on Disney+. Watch it on any device with a screen. Have at it. You'll be glad you did...

Yours in the pursuit of #GloriousPurpose...


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