#TRAVEL: People are DONE. It's time to travel. Here's where we're going!

Memorial Day is just around the corner and the travel industry is hoping for a bounceback year thanks to the vaccinations. Last year only about 1.5-million people flew for the holiday, compared to 12-million travelers in 2019, and even though the CDC is still advising folks to stay home, it seems like folks are looking to get out of town. Here are the most popular destinations Americans are booking for Memorial Day travel.

Las Vegas. According to data from Priceline and Skyscanner, Las Vegas is the top destination for hotel and flight bookings for the upcoming holiday. Why? Well first off, it’s Vegas, but also it doesn’t hurt that Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak says the state will reopen 100% by June and is removing its social distancing mandate by May 1st.

Mexico. Due to its lack of entry restrictions, Mexico has been the most popular international destination for American travelers throughout the pandemic. And that’s not changing come Memorial Day. Trips to Cancún, Cabo and the Riviera Maya are booking up quick.

Florida. All the news about spring breakers and curfews hasn’t stopped people from booking trips to Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Miami for Memorial Day weekend. The beaches and limited coronavirus restrictions are just too good for folks to pass up.

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HT: The Washington Post

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