#MOVIES: Want to get paid $2021 to watch BEST PICTURES from last 21 years??

Want to get paid to hang and watch 21 BEST PICTURE MOVIES from the last 21 years?

How much you ask? $2021 bucks!

CableTV.COM - a research firm focused on streaming, TV, internet and more, is taking applications for the gig which coincides with the upcoming ACADEMY AWARDS... and if they choose you, you'lll make that bank, you'll score some free movie rentals from Amazon, food from Grubhub, your own Oscar, popcorn and more swag, too!

If you want in, you've got to apply before Friday April 16th!

What: We are hiring one lucky film fanatic to watch all of the Best Pictures from the past 21 years for $2,021. The selected candidate will also receive a $100 Amazon gift card for film rentals (or purchases), a $100 Grubhub gift card, an Oscar statue replica, a red carpet runner and 4 boxes of microwave popcorn.

Where: Access the job application and FAQ’s here: https://www.cabletv.com/blog/best-picture-dream-job

When: Applications are now open through Friday, April 16th.

Who: CableTV.com researches and compares TV, internet, and streaming services, slashing through the techno-speak to give you straight-forward reviews, service options and reliable advice.

Go... get your movie on and get PAID!