#SpillTheTEA: Iggy Azalea LEAKS her own DM's & OMG WOW! You've gotta read!!

2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival -  Night 1 - Press Room

2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Press Room

She's so fancy... you already know... but IGGY AZALEA just leaked some of the creepiest, most insane, sexist, objectifying DIRECT MESSAGES she's received from CELEBRITIES and OH MY GAWD YA'LL!

Grab some popcorn. Pour a drink. Because what you are about to read is OH SO GOOD...

Azalea, who just turned 30 and is dropping a new album, called END OF AN ERA, no doubt timed the release of some of these GREATEST HIT DM'S to help make some noise about her new work. It's smart. You've got a ton of nameless celebrities who:

Made sexist comments about her anatomy.

Offered cash for intimacy and even on-the-phone conversations.

Wedding proposals.

Offers for over-the-phone intimacy

Offers to protect her and her son, ONYX, better than her son's father, with whom she is not longer with

And even more which are too explicit to list here because, well, family show.

Azalea, who is a model, rapper, entertainer, TV presenter and more, spilled ALL THE TEA on her TIKTOK and the story blew up. She's not naming names, but just putting the content of these DM's out there is enough... the shots have been fired and now, anyone who ever tried to SLIDE into her DM's just got served that notice...

Iggy ain't playing. Ya'll already know. She's spilling all that tea... from LA to TOKYO!

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