#Shocker: Regret Doesn’t Stop People From Having One-Night Stands!

Regret. It won't stop it from happening.

In fact, it doesn't really even matter... when it comes to a ONE NIGHT STAND!

You’d think that people who experienced some form of regret after a one-night stand would take steps to amend the behavior that makes them feel so bad…and you’d you be wrong. Researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology looked into one-night stands, and the regret that some people feel after having them.

Professor Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair led the study to find out if “sexual regret actually contributes to changes in human behavior.” He gave consenting horny participants a questionnaire that they were to fill out twice – once at the beginning, and again about five months later. The goal was to see how much their sexual regret changed their behavior months later.

The ladies? They tended to feel a greater level of regret after a one-nighter than the guys. On the other side of the bed, the men regretted passing up a solid chance for a casual boning session more often than the women. While emotions like fear, disgust, and anxiety all came into play, in the end, people “are who they are” and there ended up being very little movement in the way of changing the behavior… even though that 38-seconds of pleasure made them feel badly afterwards.

HT: Norwegian SciTech News