#PARENTING: YOU YELLED at your kid. Do you know what you could have done??

Meltdown Moms and Disaster Dads... this ain't gonna be easy to read... but you best read it anyway... because you are parents...

... and science has a few warnings for your behavior...

You... are #HarshParents and you are engaged in #HarshParenting.

Parents who have a short fuse and often find themselves angrily yelling at their children could be doing more than just hurting the child’s feelings.

According to one new study, shouting at kids frequently can actually make their brain shrink during their teenage years. Scientists (Université de Montréal) say that “harsh parenting,” which falls below the standard of more serious abuse, are common and even considered socially acceptable by many around the world.

Researchers say the frequent use of harsh parenting practices “can harm a child’s development."

Read that again... "HARM A CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT."

We’re talking about their social and emotional development, as well as their brain development.

Previous studies have already shown that children who have experienced severe abuse have smaller prefrontal cortexes and amygdala. T

hese two brain structures that play a key role in emotional regulation and the emergence of anxiety and depression.

So... think about your childhood and what made you, mom, dad, who you are. Then, think about what you are doing to your children...