#BRIDGERTON: About those SUPER STEAMY scenes... you know... THOSE scenes...

Photos: Netflix. Used with permission.


Bridgerton is the #SuperSteamy show which brings many, many people some bliss and escape on Netflix... so much so that it's become one of the most successful shows in the history of the Streaming Platform... but to make those super-intimate scenes happen wasn't as easy as the actors and producers made it seem!

Now, those responsible for bringing the Bridgerton Boo-Yah to life on screens around the world, are dishing the dirt on what went into making these scenes happen, and, surprisingly, the actors and coordinators compare the scenes of bliss, lust, love and whatnot... as STUNTS!

The scenes were hot. They took practice. Multiple takes. Multiple angles and multiple scenes... OH MY!

Click here. Read more. You may need a drink or a cold shower afterwards.