#PANDEMIC LIFE: The next FOUR seasons could look like this!

The end of the coronavirus pandemic is on the horizon at last, but the timeline for actually getting there feels like it shifts daily, with updates about viral variants, vaccine logistics, and other important variables seeming to push back the finish line or scoot it forward. When will we be able to finally live our lives again? The Atlantic has science-based season-by-season breakdown of what we might see over the next year:

For most, the next three months will look a lot like the preceding 12; virus variants loom, but vaccines nevertheless make serious illness less likely.

Summer 2021 could resemble summer 2019, including indoor dining and domestic travel.

The following colder months will likely see cases rise due to the virus’s seasonality, and a new variant could make the situation worse.

Come spring and summer 2022, though, life should be back to normal, with a seasonal form of the virus less likely to kill people.

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HT: The Atlantic