#PETS | What's the strangest, weirdest, worst pet name you've encountered?

You guys, REDDIT has been on-and-poppin' lately... and I came across this GEM which took me back to my daughter, Kyla, naming our puppy, Clover Maxwell, with two names...

In this thread, veterinarians were asked to share some of the worst or weirdest pet names ever encountered.

• A woman had a cat named Face. The woman said it was because the cat had a beautiful face.

• There was a dog named Dog. Dog was named by a 3-year-old.

• Another reason you should let toddlers name pets: One vet saw a dog named Refrigerator.

• There was a dog named Dump Truck.

• Someone named their cat Salad.

• My 4 year old tried to name our puppy refrigerator

• There was a cat named Shoe.

• There was a cat named Feline Dion.

What are some of the strangest, most unique, worst, or most clever pet names you've ever heard?

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