#MOMHACKS | This TIKTOK Mom is going VIRAL for her MOMHACKS!


Food shopping can be a stressful task at the best of times, but taking a child along for the ride is enough to take some parents over the edge. But not anymore, as a mom-of-four in the U.S. has shared three time-saving hacks that will make the weekly grocery trip a bit easier.

… To help the kids get dressed more quickly, mom Shannon Doherty (not actress Shannen Doherty) suggests cutting a sticker in half and popping one half in one shoe, and the other half in the other shoe. This way they’ll be able to match the stickers up and put their shoes on by themselves, giving you a couple of extra minutes to get yourself ready.

… If your child’s too heavy to lift into the grocery cart seat, flip up the cart’s back wall so he/she can climb into the cart.

… Finally, leave clothes baskets in the trunk of the car so you can easily take the groceries into the house without having to struggle.