#GoodSTUFF: Professor offers students #Thanksgiving Dinner, goes VIRAL!


A professor at the University of Iowa is doing something a little different this Thanksgiving: She and three of her children will prepare and deliver home-cooked meals to students stuck at school because of the pandemic.

Elizabeth Pearce, who goes by Liz, is a professor in the communications department and has been spending the year, like most teachers around the country, teaching her students virtually. Despite never having met most of them in person, she wanted to help those who are going to be stuck on campus because of travel restrictions or quarantining.

… On November 19, Pearce wrote an email to her class offering them a home-cooked meal on Thanksgiving, should they be unable to be with family. In it, she urged students to take her up on the offer, and that she and her children would be happy to make the food while wearing masks and deliver the hot food Thursday to people’s homes and dorms to limit physical contact.

One student, Leah Blask, was so moved by Pearce’s kindness, she shared the email on Twitter that same day.

That student also tweeted: “My professor is absolutely too pure for this world.”