RECALL ALERT: If you bought these wipes, throw 'em out ASAP!


Gang - if you've bought any of these wipes to sanitize and keep things clean and safe, you will want to toss 'em immediately because they're the subject of this #RECALL #ALERT!

Cottonelle. They make the toilet paper I prefer... but that's a different story...

They've recalled many lots of disposable wipes because there is a CHANCE they've been tainted with some bacteria...

CONTAMINATED COTTONELLE. Maybe. But when there's doubt, err on the side of caution.

The company reports "the bacteria is mild, but those who have compromised immune systems could be at greater risk" of some sort of reaction.

That could be bad. Especially now.

So go check your stash. If you have this... dump it. And if you DO have this... you could get a refund, as well, so check the link above for the details on how you can get that refund from the company.

Stay safe, friends. Stay safe.

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