Passions. New ones. Reawakened ones. The ones which make you... you.

God I've so much to share with you.... because I've learned, lived and experienced so many things over the last month.

But, let's focus on PASSION for this one.

Are there any passions of yours which you've let subside? Or, is there something you've become passionate about... all over again?

What was it. What is it? Why did you let it go... or what about it has you so... enthralled?

My daughter, Kyla, formerly a Sophomore in High School who has enough credits now to SKIP her Junior Year to become a SENIOR in the class of 2021... sparked this thought in me over the weekend.

"I want to get a kayak, dad..."

She said this to me on the way home from an early morning on a boat where we spent time on the water... just living.

It make me think, "ya know, I wanted to get one of these for me, too..." but I was too afraid of this or that or whatever... to do it.

Thanks to therapy and a great therapist, I quickly said to her - and to myself "well, let's do it.... because it will bring us joy...."

Let's do it.

It will bring us joy.

Years ago, I gave up golf. I don't know why. I just did. My clubs sat abandoned.

That's changing this week... and I may go to a driving range or to one of those Top Golf places... but I'm getting back to something I love to do... something I was taught to do as a kid... Golf. And I may even get lessons, too.

Road trips. I've certainly taken so many over the last few weeks. Sure, I know Covid is a thing... but you can be safe and live life... so live it, right?

With a mask.

From lakes to boats... to mountain towns to lake towns... and soon, to some beach towns and, yes, to some of the biggest cities in the US... travel is a passion of mine. I made some choices to be afraid to do so... but, from what I can see - and from what the science says... it's safe to get back to some forms of travel...

... and so I'm getting back to life.

I wanted to learn piano and guitar. Guess what is on that list.

I wanted to learn more about skiing and snowboarding. Guess what's on that list.

Boating. You already know. Will I buy one?

What about the kayak?

You already know. I'll show it to you, soo.

Life isn't about not living. Life is about embracing passions... and then, living with those passions. Living with them isn't giving them up. It's not hiding them or packing them away for whatever reason.

If you have a passion... live with it or for it and do so unapologetically.

Around a fire pit this weekend, I realized something...

This life isn't for a job or spouse or a sibling or whatever. No, at the core, this life... is about you and your passions...

... so are you... are we... living with that passion?

Ponder. Prepare. Pursue. Passion.

Saddle up, friends. We've got some life to live. Corona-Covid-Whatever be damned... while we do so safely.