#TobyTalk | There's power... in powerlessness.

There’s power in powerlessness. 

Things are pretty much out of anyone’s control right now. You can’t go eat at your favorite restaurant. Your kids can’t go to school. Can’t even go to a house of worship these days.

And, as I write this to you, the greatest city in the world… New York… is waiting to find out if all residents will have to shelter in place… confined to their homes… as this Coronavirus does what it does. 

You... are not in control.

Liberating, right?

I’m not kidding.

Not having control… is strangely liberating to me… because when you accept the fact that, yes, there are things out of your hands… which you can’t influence or you can’t command… when you are out of control… that puts you, to me, back in control. 

It allows you to clear your head and your heart. 

It restores clarity. 

It gives you resolve… and even confidence. 

Just when you think you are powerless, you find once again, when you accept you are out of control… that you do indeed have power. An inner power… and that… plus the grace of your creator… will get you, your family, your friends… through just about anything in life. 

There is power… in powerlessness. Claim it! 

I’m thinking of you while we go through this stuff… stay well! 


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