#FACEBOOK: Now, they admit they've been listening to your VOICE CHATS!

And here we go again...

I need to know what you think about this...

It was reported today that FACEBOOK has admitted to secretly recording conversations made via it's MESSENGER APP, and they've been transcribing them, too!

You can read all about this at the link above, but, this has me wondering... does this bother you at all, or no?

I've been thinking about this, and while I don't think anyone likes the idea of others snooping in your conversations, this is just the way of things now, isn't it?

We get all these apps and stuff... for free. We give up these rights when we click a checkbox to set up an account when we agree to terms of service. It's not really the free app provider's fault if the person using the free product doesn't read the fine print, right?

Facebook. Instagram. Google. Even Snapchat had some drama with this.

Basically, if you ask me, data is the new currency. Nothing is "free" and companies have a right to either charge a fee for a service, or have us deliver a 'fee' for something we use and enjoy for free. Again, I'm not saying I condone them listening to private conversations, or spying on FaceTime calls, etc. But I do get that FREE isn't always free... and I do think we choose to give up certain freedoms in exchange for free.

BOTTOM LINE (for me personally): I don't really care if they listen in, or if Alexa or Google are transcribing my stuff to make the app better. I actually give up certain freedoms with Apple products so developers can make better things... and, in exchange, I regularly get asked to beta-test things. Knowing this, I'm not bugged that Facebook might be listening to a voice call I made (and recorded) with someone about a topic or whatnot. It's an exchange. I get a service, they get the benefit of my data...

... which explains all the ads for Mexican food places which have been popping up on Facebook today. I was just searching for a really great place for cheese enchiladas...

What about you? Does it bother you that these tech companies are secretly reading and listening to your stuff? Let me know in the comments below... or shoot me a note if you want!