OMG: This dude hasn't washed his DREADLOCKS in 40 YEARS ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Dear GOD this is disgusting...

A man in INDIA has not cut or washed his hair in 40 years and now, he's got SIX FOOT LONG dreadlocks and OMG GROSS.

This dude, Sakal Dev Tuddu, is 63 and from the Munger district of easter Bihar state, wears his hair on top of his head like a turban.... a nasty unwashed turban... and it's totally disgusting.

Gross. Sick. Nasty. But to each his own, I guess. Click the link to see even more. And... remember, good hygiene means you need to wash your hair. Like frequently. Because otherwise it's just NASTY.


HT: Daily Mail

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