KATY PERRY: Never Really Over... Anthem for US because WE'VE BEEN THERE!

"I guess I could try a new therapy..."

Katy Perry dropped her new song, produced by Zedd, called NEVER REALLY OVER today, and you'll hear it hourly on select iHeartRadio pop music channels today...

My first thoughts on listening just now:

It's a perfect summer pop "bop" as the English would say...

If you've ever had ONE you didn't ever get over, you can relate to this... especially if you've spent a minute talking to someone to calm the boiling waters of "WHAT HAPPENED AND WHY" in the pot of water on the stove that is in your brain. If it sounds like i'm speaking from experience... well, yeah, I am. I'm like "how did she know what I was thinking" and then I realize, given her own relationship situations in the immediate past (John Mayer past, and her current fiance now), she does!

Katy delivers in her usual honest and vulnerable way... and this song is so DESPERATELY needed right now on music radio stations which haven't had some form of what I'd call a pure-pop-down-the-middle song like this for a while. It's mass-appeal goodness which anyone can vibe too... I'm adding to my iHeartRadio DRIVE playlist right now... the playlist of songs I love when I have to drive someplace... and have miles to go... giving a soundtrack to my mind... and the thoughts therein

But... screw my thoughts... what about YOU? You are the most important listener and fan of new music in the iHeartRadio universe... what do YOU think about this song? Feel free to comment away below... or message me if you want on Instagram, Facebook or here: tk@iheartradio.com

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