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ALBERT BOURLA: I believe that within a year, I think we will be able to come back to normal life. I don’t think that this means that variants will not be continue coming, and I don’t think that this means that we should be able to live our lives without having vaccinations, basically.

But that, again, remains to be seen. The most likely scenario for me, it is that because the virus has spread all over the world, that we will continue seeing new variants that are coming out, and also we will have vaccines that they will last at least a year. And I think the most likely scenario is annual vaccinations. But we don’t know, really. We need to wait and see the data.

BUCK: Welcome back the Clay and Buck show. There you had the Pfizer CEO. Some of that might have been a little tough to catch, but the Pfizer CEO saying, “We’re gonna get back to normal in about a year or so. There will be variants, though. There will be covid forever and you’re gonna get shots forever.”

I’ve gotta say, the guy who is running the company that has made tens of billions of dollars already from these shots and is setting itself up to make tens of billions more… Clay, this is quite a situation. Now it’s the acceptance of not only Forever Covid — which we were told we wouldn’t have to accept but we said we would, we knew we would — to forever boosters as well. Look at that.

CLAY: I’m skeptical anytime the best-case scenario for a company is that you have to use the company’s product forever. And we call them medical experts! I’m just gonna say. If I got to… From a pure capitalistic perspective, if I said, “Hey, every radio station in the country has to play the Clay and Buck show from 12 to 3 Eastern, 9 to noon on the West Coast, every day, and we get a monopoly, or else I’m afraid public health will suffer”?

I think most people out there would say, “I’m not sure that I trust Clay Travis’ radio expertise there, ’cause it benefits him an awful lot that we can only hear him.” Do you think maybe the Pfizer CEO saying, “Hey, you’re gonna have to get vaccines every year, maybe forever in order protected yourself from covid” maybe you should just have a little alarm bell going in the back of your head and say, “Hey, that’s hundreds of billions of dollars they’re making.”

BUCK: I’m not sure he’s totally objective on whether we as a society should do this.

CLAY: Yeah, maybe a little.

BUCK: Remember he’s talking about globally, folks, global vaccination campaign —

CLAY: Forever.

BUCK: — every single year for the rest of your life for a virus that as the previous epidemiologist from Yale medical school we just had on pointed out, once you’ve had it, you’re basically going to be fine once you’ve cleared it. So why would you keep getting vaccines and vaccines? Maybe this goes to — on some level, Clay — why we don’t get to talk about natural immunity very much ’cause there’s not a lot of incentive for a lot of folks to talk about it.

CLAY: How about the fact he said 70% of people he thought had natural immunity?

BUCK: Yeah. I’ve been thinking it’s about 200 million that have been infected for a while now. But I don’t have an MD; that guy does.

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