Ring now has a Security Drone, & Alexa can Take care of a Crying Baby

First up, Ring announced their newest home security camera. And it's a small autonomous DRONE that flies around your house while you're away so you can see what's happening. It's going to go on sale next year.

And second, Amazon announced a bunch of new features they're bringing to their Alexa smart devices . . . so they play a MUCH bigger role in your home.

Some of the features include: Listening for sounds like breaking glass or doors opening when you're away and calling the cops . . . locking your doors or turning on your lights without you asking, just based on your habits . . .

Taking care of a crying baby by turning on a lamp or music . . . and turning off your TV when you start snoring.

Those Alexa features are all coming soon. 

(The Verge/CNET)