Randoms-Most have already started Holiday Shopping, Flirting Face, & More


Be honest …Are you addicted to online shopping? You’re not alone. A new survey found that 25% of respondents admitted that they are seriously addicted to online shopping. 82% of those surveyed said they like shopping online, because it’s easier to find what they want. And 53% said they get excited when their package arrives. In fact, the online shoppers surveyed said they look forward to their purchases arriving more than they do to their workday ending or video chatting with family and friends. And – no surprise -- COVID has increased our online shopping habits. 52% said they’ve had more home deliveries in 2020 than in previous years. (SWNS)

Speaking of online shopping … Seems a lot of us have already started Christmas shopping. Why? We’re bored. A survey found that 50% of Americans have already started online shopping for the holidays, because they’re bored at home. 15% of those surveyed said they actually started their holiday shopping … in August. And no surprise – experts predict 48% of holiday shopping will be done online this year. (SWNS)

Rich and lonely? A new study has found that having lots of money has some downsides – particularly loneliness and lack of real relationships. Researchers at the University of Buffalo and Harvard Business School say the stress of being successful and constantly striving for more can actually cut you off from the world. It’s not that making money is bad – but when someone ties their self-worth to their financial success, and puts that above all else, they can become isolated.

“Feeling that pressure to achieve financial goals means we’re putting ourselves to work at the cost of spending time with loved ones, and it’s that lack of time spent with people close to us that’s associated with feeling lonely and disconnected,” adds Deborah Ward from the University of Buffalo.

Is there a flirting face? There’s no instruction manual on reading the subtle cues that tell you if the person you’re making eye-contact with is flirting back or just staring at the piece of lettuce stuck between your teeth. Things might just have gotten easier, however. According to a new study out of the University of Kansas, researchers were able to pinpoint three specific facial expressions that signified someone is definitely flirting with you. So, whether you’re trying to read your crush or let someone else know you’re interested, keep these expressions in mind:

  1. A head turned to one side and tilted slightly down.
  2. A slight smile.
  3. Eyes turned forward toward the person they are trying to flirt with. (Cosmo)