Randoms-Unusual Tan Lines, Dog saves Family from Snake, & More!


  • National IPA Day: A good day for a beer.
  • National Root Beer Float Day: A good day for a frosty mug of root beer with vanilla ice cream.
  • National Wiggle Your Toes Day: A good day to be barefoot.
  • National Fresh Breath Day: Have you ever had to confront someone about their bad breath?


Do you have unusual tan lines? You’re not alone. Seems the latest lockdown-related trend is weird tan lines. We’re all spending a lot more time outdoors these days. And whether it’s sandal lines, shorts lines, sports bra lines, sock lines, or even mask lines – seems we’re all sporting some interesting tan lines these days. (Vice)

Home improvements …With travel and entertainment options outside the home limited, people have been putting money into their homes. Whether it’s making their backyards their own personal oasis, creating an office space in their homes or just making the den more comfortable for the entire family, the trend over the last few months has been people spending to spruce up their homes.

For example, online home store Wayfair just announced that it gained 5 million net new customers in the most recent quarter – more than the last four quarters combined. And the company reported an 84% sales increase for the quarter. (Business Insider)

People aren’t buying fast food breakfast.With many people working from home, morning commutes have been greatly reduced -- and that means people aren’t hitting the drive-thru for breakfast on their way to work. Taco Bell recently announced that their late night and early morning orders are virtually gone nowadays -- thanks to changes in lifestyle and commutes brought on by the pandemic. And according to a report fromBusiness Insider, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski said to investors this week that "breakfast ... prior to the pandemic was the only day part that was growing.” Not surprisingly, similar reports came from Panera, Dunkin, and Starbucks. (The Takeout)

  • If you used to hit up fast food restaurants for breakfast on the way to work but have stopped since the pandemic, what are you doing for breakfast instead?

More proof that we don’t deserve dogs …A South Dakota couple were out hiking when their dog took a rattlesnake bite to protect them. Now what kind of big, brave dog did this? A little 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Bear.

Devin Diede and his wife, Alex, were hiking on a trail in the Black Hills National Forest when they came upon the rattlesnake. Their dog noticed the rattlesnake before they did, and moved in to protect his owners. "Alex would have stepped on the snake and [it would've] bit her if Bear had not been there to take the bite," Devin told local news stationKEVN.

Devin and Alex rushed Bear to the vet. After a blood transfusion and a “heartbreaking” night, Bear pulled through. "He’s doing surprisingly well. He’s walking around just fine and as happy as could be. He’s a tough little guy and most definitely a hero," Devin said. (People)