Randoms-Help if you get Blue this time of Year, Big travel Season, & More!

Do you get the blues this time of year? You may want to pass on all those sugary treats. A new study from the University of Kansas found that eating lots of sugar can trigger depression. Researchers found that too much sugar – just like too much alcohol – may make you feel good at first, but you’ll end up feeling worse in the long run. (Best Life)

Something to think about during the season of imbibing …Researchers from the University of Cambridge analyzed wine glasses over the years and found that the glasses we’re drinking out of now are seven times the size of wine glasses from 300 years ago. Apparently our ancestors were drinking wine from shot glasses. (Market Watch

Lots of people are traveling this holiday season …A new report by Airlines for America revealed that 47.5 million people are expected to fly all over the world on U.S. airlines this holiday season -- a 3 percent increase from last year. The report found that an average 2.6 million passengers will fly each day starting on December 19th and ending on January 5th. The busiest day for travel will be Friday, December 20th, followed by Saturday, December 21st, Friday, December 27th, and Thursday, December 26th. (Travel and Leisure)

Speaking of holiday travel …According to a new survey, these are the Top 10 Most Stressful Things About Holiday Travel:

  1. Hazardous road conditions due to winter weather -- 44%
  2. Heavy traffic on highways -- 41%
  3. Losing something during your travel -- 37%
  4. Finding a parking spot at the airport -- 36%
  5. Packing your bags -- 36%
  6. Getting to the airport and realizing you forgot your ID -- 35%
  7. Unexpected departure delays at the airport -- 33%
  8. Long TSA security lines -- 31%
  9. Waiting to pick up your bags at baggage claim -- 31%
  10. Flight cancellations due to winter weather -- 30% (SWNS)

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