Randoms-Appropriate Amount of Drinks During Office Holiday Party, & More!

Holiday parties are making a comeback …Those lavish holiday office parties have been scaled back over the last several years, with some companies getting rid of them altogether. But new research has found that holiday parties are making a comeback. The survey of HR reps revealed that 7% more companies are planning a holiday party this year than last year, and 76% of all the companies surveyed are planning to hold a party this year. Last year, 65% of companies surveyed had a holiday party, the lowest percentage since 2010, when just 64% of firms threw a holiday party. (24/7 Wall St)

Speaking of holiday parties …An expert was asked how many drinks you should have at the office holiday party. The answer: No more than two. (Bustle)

Job hoppin’ …A new survey has revealed that Millennials change jobs … a lot. According to the survey, the average Millennial has already had six jobs. To put that in perspective, the average worker approaching retirement has had seven jobs throughout their working life. That means most Millennials have already had as many jobs as people in their 50s have had in their entire career. (SWNS)

  • Have you ever quit a job right after being hired?
  • How long were you actually on the job before walking away? Less than a day?
  • Why did you leave? What happened that made you realize you needed to get out of there?

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