Randoms-Why Most Pet Owners have them in Bed, ok to Decorate for Holidays?

Have you recently broken up with someone?It definitely stings to break up right before the holidays -- but you’re probably better off being single for the season than to be with someone who is just waiting for a less emotional time of year to break things off. According to experts, there’s no set amount of time that guarantees you are over a breakup, but the longer you were together and the more committed you were to each other, the longer the recovery. One study published inClinical Psychological Sciencefound that the three-month mark seems to be when people start to feel significantly better, regardless of the length of the relationship.Hey, three months isn’t so bad. Think of how distracting the holidays can be … Before you know it, it will be a New Year and a fresh new start!(Prevention)

Think it’s too soon to start decorating for the holidays? Think again! On Monday,Joanna Gaines posted a photo to Instagram stories featuring her Christmas tree fully lit up and bins full of ornaments ready to be hung. The caption ..."It's go time.” If the former star ofFixer Uppergives you the OK to start decorating, who says you have to wait until after Thanksgiving?! (Today)

Pet owners like having their pets in bed with them. According to a new survey of pet owners, 67% say they snuggle up with their pet at night and 30% of those say they feel more secure when their pet is in bed with them. 27% of the dog and cat owners surveyed said sleeping next to their pet helps them feel less alone, and 37% say like the warmth from having their pets curled up next to them. (SWNS)

Carli gets a kick out of possible NFL opportunity …U.S. Women's Soccer star Carli Lloyd turned a lot of heads in August when she attended a Philadelphia Eagles football practice and kicked a 55-yard field goal. At the time, many wondered whether teams might actually be interested in signing her. Apparently, some were. In a recent interview, Carli said she actually received some interest from two NFL teams and was offered a chance to kick in a pre-season game. While she is focused right now on the 2020 Olympics, she admits she's interested in an NFL opportunity and would consider it in the future. She said, "If I can help pioneer and break down some doors for other women in the future, that would be amazing.” (Yahoo Sports)

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