Randoms-How Dirty is your Phone? You really don't want to know, & More!

Your phone is filthy …Do you clean your phone? Asurveyfound that 23% of respondents say they have never cleaned their phone. Big deal? Well, research shows that a phone that hasn’t been cleaned can have more bacteria on it than an entire household bathroom. Researchers say it’s common for smartphones to come into contact with all types of bacteria and disease, including strep, staph, and E.coli.Yikes. And this will gross you out after hearing that: 41% of those surveyed say when both hands are busy they don’t think twice about putting their phone in their mouth. And 88% of respondents say they regularly bring their phones with them in the bathroom, and 46% say they always take their phone with them to a public restroom. The survey also revealed that parents (93%) take their phones in the bathroom with them more frequently than non-parents (83%).

Speaking of phones …Are they more important to us than sex? A survey found that 70% of women said that they’d rather give up sex for a week than go without their phone for a week. (The Frisky)

Bonding over business trips ...Can you guess the one thing, in particular, that will help you become good friends with your co-workers? If you said business trips, you’d be right. A survey found that 85% of Americans who travel for work say they've become new friends with co-workers when traveling together. And 80% say that they are more likely to socialize with their co-workers when they are out of town vs. when they are home. 61% of respondents said that when traveling, they found co-workers more personable and easier to talk to than expected, 43% said they found them funnier than expected, and 33% said they found them more creative than they had expected. (SWNS)

Uber has definitely decreased the number of people driving under the influence …but according to new research by the University of Louisville and Georgia State University, when Uber comes to a city, there is a rise in heavy drinking and binge drinking. Basically, knowing that they can call an Uber causes people to drink more. Another interesting stat: When Uber comes to town, bars see their revenue increase. (The Takeout)

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