Randoms-Best Time to Workout, Biggest Pet Peeve at Home, & More!

Are you a different person at work than you are outside of work? Maybe it’s time to show your co-workers the real you. A new study has found that if you “be yourself” at work you will be healthier, happier and more productive. (Rice University)

Do you have a roommate or roommates? What’s your biggest pet peeve about them? According to a SurveyMonkey poll, these are people’s biggest pet peeves about their roommates:

  1. Leaving common spaces messy -- 63%
  2. Neglecting to take out the trash -- 45%
  3. Talking loudly on the phone -- 30%
  4. Taking food without asking for permission -- 24%

No-brainer research …A study found that people who live in states where recreational marijuana is legal eat more ice cream, cookies and potato chips. (Market Watch)

Rise and sweat …A new study has found that the morning is the best time to exercise if you’re looking to lose weight. The best results are achieved by people who exercise at a high level and do it consistently. And, according to researchers, you have a much better chance of success if you get your workout in first thing in the morning. (International Business Times)

Here’s another reason to work out in the morning … you'll make more money. A new survey found that people with a strict morning routine -- whether it's working out, meditating, doing yoga, or writing in a journal or earn more money than those who don't have a regular a.m. routine. According to the survey, by The Sleep Judge, people with a consistent morning routine earn $12,500 more per year than those with a lazier approach to mornings. And those who exercised in the mornings had the highest salaries of the survey respondents. (Best Life)

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